Plan for Christmas

At Franklins

Due to the very high demand worldwide there is a shortage of many makes and models. Our “Plan for Christmas” page lists machines that are due into us before Christmas. If are looking for a machine and it does not appear on this page then it won’t be available until the New Year.

Machines listed “In-stock” are avaiable now, machines listed “Plan for Christmas” are on back-order to Franklins and due into us before Christmas. There is limited stock of each model, once are stock is sold it will be avaiable next year. All back-orders will be sent out once they have arrived into our warehouse.

Why buy your machine from Franklins?

Point 1

Free in-store lesson with every machine purchased from Franklins

Point 2

With over 60 Years Experiance we can offer more information in-store or over the phone

Point 3

Re-pening Next Year our Classroom!

Further your knowledge of your new machine by attending one of our machine classes. Machines purchased from Franklins are offered a reduced price.

View our class calendar here

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All Your Questions Answered

How long do I have to claim for the free lesson?
There is no time limit for the free in-store lesson. To book please contact your nearest store.
How soon can I collect my delivery?
All machines have an estimated delivery date on their product page. Machines will be sent out for Next Day delivery.
What if the machine doesn't arrive in time?
Two options – we can either offer you a similar quality machine or a full refund.

Time is Running Out!

The last day for sending out online is Friday 18th December.

In-store purchases are available until 3 pm on Wednesday 23rd December.