Brother PE-Design 11 – Bundle Price


Bundle Price – Only available when buying a Brother embroidery machine at the same time

PE-Design 11 embroidery software includes new and improved features such as the ability to specify multiple sewing directions and the option to convert stitch patterns to outline patterns.

  • Wireless LAN Import/Export with XP1
  • Stitch Design Factory
  • Original Decorative Fill Creator
  • 54 New Decorative Fill Stitches
  • Background Fill with Echo Quilting
  • Fill Stitch with Manual Curve Stitch Direction
  • Flexible Spiral Stitch
  • Add Random Effect to Decorative Fill Patterns
  • Convert Region to Outline
  • Font Mapping
  • Improved Photo Stitch
  • Updated Thread chart
  • 120 fonts
  • 2 monogramming fonts
  • 10 small fonts
  • User editing fonts
  • True type fonts
  • Shape of fonts - 26 arc
  • Selectable hoop type - flatbed and multi-needle
  • Multi position hoop - available
  • Digitize feature
  • Background image
  • Vector import
  • Design library
  • Auto punch
  • Cross stitch


  • Background fill with echo quilting - Now easier to add background fills, and New Echo Fill has been added to the existing fill options.
  • Fill stitch in manual curve stitch direction - New manual curve option in the Stitch Attributes allows you to manually manipulate the stitch direction of many different fill stitches. Stitches can be set to follow the shape of your embroidery.
  • Flexible spiral stitch - With the New Flexible Spiral Stitch, the centre position can be moved! Creating fantastic 3D effects.
  • Convert region to outline - New feature to convert region to outline and change outline stitch type.
  • Print & Stitch function allows you to iron a design onto your fabric and add your own creative stitches
  • Photo Stitch function converts your photographs to embroidery data - NEW - Enhanced image tracing with Clipping Mask. Use + and – tools to add or remove sections from the mask.
  • Add random effect to decorative fill stitches - Decorative Fill Stitches can be altered randomly to give creatively inconsistent effects!
  • 54 New decorative fill stitches
  • Auto Cross Stitch & Appliqué Creation function
  • Enhanced realistic stitch preview
  • Enhanced Split stitch tool
  • Stitch functions for more expressive embroidery include, stamped cross stitch and candlewicking stitch, floral design, mirror copy, circle copy
  • Expanded letter functions include 130 built-in fonts, transform text, contour, monogram, small fonts from 3 to 6mm
  • Font creator enables you to create and process user-defined font types. Save handwritten characters to be embroidered from letter designs and
  • define unique embroidery patterns
  • New Font Mapping - Use the Font Creator to save purchased embroidery design fonts with “New Font Mapping” Import all letters, “Save As” and your font will appear in the Text menu. Now you can type out this font instead of importing each letter. Fonts imported in this way become .pfk files.
  • Link connecting function for professional tasks - embroidery designs can be sent from the computer to be embroidered on multiple embroidery machines
  • Wireless LAN Import/Export with XP1
  • 200 pre-installed design templates
  • Over 1000 built-in designs
  • New Stitch Design Factory - Design and Create your own sewing stitches. Readable with most machines with My Custom Stitch Maximum Size : 100mm width x 200mm length (Needs to be made within 7mm width if read by the XV, V, NV2600, F480, NV1800Q)
  • Original Decorative fill creator - Now with the opportunity to create your own decorative fill stitch. Here you can also open a template so there is something to be built on.
  • Insert names - simple by replacing text, you can create a whole series of identical embroidery designs with pre-aligned text
  • Intelligent colour sort
  • Updated thread chart - Simplicity pro, polyfast, Iris, Floriani are newly added to thread chart list. The number of colours are added for Sulky,
  • Isacord, Madeira (poly), guetermann.

Minimum PC requirements

  • Computer - IBM-PC or compatible PC
  • Operating system - Windows VISTA, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
  • Processor - 1GHz or higher
  • Memory - 512 MB (1GB or more is recommended)
  • Hard disk free space - 300 MB
  • Monitor - "XGA (1024 x 768)" 16-bit colour or higher
  • Interface - 2 available USB
  • Internet Access: Required for upgrade