The Quilt Block by Block


Packed with photographs and diagrams for 75 quilt blocks, this book teaches you three basic block construction methods to get you started in the world of quilt blocks.

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Its no wonder quilting is such a popular pastime. The quilt-making process is never boring. There are always new blocks to discover and new techniques to try. Even the same block used over and over in different settings, colours, and combinations offers many creative possibilities. And who says you have to make a quilt? Quilt blocks are perfect for home decor items, fashion accents, and heartfelt gifts.

The purpose of this book is not to provide a complete encyclopedia of quilt blocks. Goodness! How would you ever carry it? Rather, this book offers a modern perspective on the three fundamental methods for sewing quilt blocks; traditional piecing, foundation piecing, and applique. Each section begins with the basics about techniques and materials. The twenty-five blocks in each section include patterns, cutting instructions , and illustrations of possible settings and combinations with other blocks. These seventy-five quilt blocks represent a fraction of the possible quilt blocks, but provide a solid foundation for quilters of all skill levels.