Ultimate Knitting Bible


Ultimate Knitting Bible is a definitive reference for all aspects of knitting, from the first stitch  you cast on to the care and maintenance of your projects.



Ultimate Knitting Bible is the definitive reference for all aspects of knitting – from the first stitch you cast on to the care and maintenance of your projects. If you are a novice knitter then this book will guide you step by step through everything you need to know in order to confidently knit any project that catches your eye, from the simplest scarf to the most gorgeously textured and embellished sweater. If you are an experienced knitter then this book will be an invaluable treasure trove of techniques that you can dive into and look up new skills.

In the first two chapters, Getting Started and Knitting Basics, you will find useful information for all knitters – from choosing the right needles and understanding your tension (gauge) to casting on. Next, Structure and Shaping reveals how knitting projects are constructed.

The Texture With Stitches chapter covers cables, crosses, twists, bobbles and more. Types of Knitting looks at different knitting techniques and includes pockets. Next, discover how Knitting With Colour can produce simple stunning results. The Embellishments chapter reveals how the plainest knitted project can be made stylish and interesting by the addition of sparkling beads, colourful embroidery, perky pom-poms or an elegant fringe.

Once all the skills are mastered Professional Finishing Techniques, Troubleshooting and Designing and Adapting Patterns chapters will arm you with all the know-how you need to take your knitting to a whole new level. Finally, Crochet For Knitting covers the basic crochet stitches, plus some decorative techniques, to enable you top expand your knitting horizons.

With a simple format and cross-references on virtually every page, this one-stop volume makes every aspect of the knitting process accessible to knitters of all ages and abilities. This is the one knitting resource that you will turn to time and time again.