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3 common problems when using a sewing machine – and how to fix them!

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Salisbury

Sewing machines are a handy tool for any seamstress or craft-loving individual to use. They not only give fabulous results but also make working on any sewing project quicker and less hassle. When you first begin using a machine though, you might come across a few teething problems. Don’t worry – this is natural and everyone goes through the same thing to begin with. Here are the 3 most widely seen and how to fix them.

Needle keeps unthreading itself

One problem many sewing machine novices experience is the needle unthreading itself as you place your foot on the pedal. But how can you avoid this happening? The first thing to do is make sure an inch or two of the thread is through the needle before starting to sew. You should also make sure the needle is at its highest position before sewing commences – if not, use the relevant buttons or handwheel on your machine to get it there.

You are getting uneven results

Another common problem which new sewing machine users can see is uneven stitching. This can often result in stitching which is tight on one side but less neat on the other. The first fix to try is adjusting the tension setting on your machine as this could be the culprit. Test out the new tension on a scrap of fabric and keep adjusting until it looks better. If this is not the issue, it could be your bobbin. The thread needs to be housed in the bobbin grooves and the bobbin itself should be placed in the correct way, as per your embroidery machine’s instructions.

Fabrics move around too much

No-one is going to get the best results if this happens! Fabric or quilting which moves around when you are trying to sew is both frustrating and exasperating. The great news is that there is a simple fix for this problem. Just lower your presser foot a bit more as this is what will hold the material more firmly in place.

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