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Juki is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and domestic sewing machines. 40% of all manufactured garments in the world are made on a Juki machine.

Juki sewing machines offer the perfect solution for both beginners and professionals. Take a look at our wide range of Juki machines below and buy your favourite online.

Delivering products at either end of the price spectrum, Juki understands that the modern-day sewing enthusiast is looking for a sewing machine that’s fast, flexible, and packed with a wide array of features to make sewing easier and – crucially – more fun! Widely renowned as one of the most established manufacturers in the market, the knowledge and experience that Juki’s has gained since the company was established in 1945 has now manifested itself in an array of household and industrial machines that are simply unrivalled in terms of quality, performance and wear. The brand’s renowned Industrial Box-Feed motion makes sewing over thick seams and modern day fashion fabric a pleasure.

The best way to choose the right Juki sewing machine is to try it out for yourself. Drop into one of our sewing shops for full demonstrations and great advice from our passionate staff.

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