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3 summer craft ideas

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Salisbury

As the days slowly start to get longer, and the temperature steadily rises, it is hard to believe summer has finally arrived. Should you find you have more time on your hands this summer than usual, it may be the perfect time to start a summer craft project. If you need a little craft inspiration, we have listed 3 fun summer crafts for you below…

1. Floral embroidery

Do you have tea towels, blankets and cushions that are looking a bit lacklustre? An easy and fun way to re-vamp an old piece of material is by adding floral embroidery to it. Dig out your embroidery machines from storage and take inspiration from summer flowers in your garden. If you want to be truly on-trend, ensure your embroidery is in pastel colours.

2. Summer quilting

When you hear the word quilt, you may think of cosy winter evenings, however, they make a great project to complete in summer. Summer quits require less material as they are often thinner and smaller than standard quilts. British weather is never predictable and a summer quilt often provides the perfect amount of warmth on a chilly British evening. Thinner quilts are also ideal for picnics and days at the beach!

3. 50s fashion revival

When you think of 50s fashion, you may think of swing dresses, pencil dresses and smart blazers. This summer 50s fashion is well and truly making a comeback. Find 50s dress patterns that you love and create clothing in bold and bright prints!

Are you excited to get started on summer craft projects but think your sewing machine could do with an upgrade? Contact Franklins Group today to learn more about our excellent sewing machines. The right sewing machine will keep you feeling creative and busy all summer long!