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4 key skills you need for patchwork quilting

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Salisbury

One of the best crafting projects to take on is making your own patchwork quilt. Not only is this an easy project to complete but it will look fabulous when finished. It is key though to know which skills you need to practice first before diving in. If you need a brief rundown, the below should help.

Cutting the fabric

This may sound obvious but being able to cut your fabric accurately is essential. Make sure to read your pattern well first and then take your time when measuring the fabric to cut. Many people will also use a rotary cutter as they make it simpler to get straight lines.

Sewing the pieces together

Once you have cut your pieces out, you need to be able to sew them together effectively. The best tip here is to use a sewing machine! This not only makes the whole process easier but also much quicker too. Even if you have not used one before, you will soon get the hang of it after a few tries. Most patterns will use a quarter inch seam and it is key to make sure this happens for each piece.


Pressing is a very important skill to have for quilting and is needed after you have joined two pieces together. It sees you use an iron to press on the seams but technique is key here. You do not want to iron it like you would a shirt! You should press on the seam and then take the iron off before pressing down on the next section. Doing this helps to give a good finish and flat seams.


Once pieces are joined together and pressed, you should also square them off. This basically sees you trim away any excess fabric on the pieces so they are square in shape. Doing so means finished quilts are also square as intended.

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