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7 Tips To Make You A Better Sewist

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

If you’ve completed a few beginner’s sewing projects and are now ready to refine your sewing skills, why not read up on some tips?

There are always new sewing skills and techniques to work on when practising with sewing machines, so why not start with the following ideas? These are our top tips to make you a better sewist.

1. Invest in a quality sewing machine

If you’ve only tried hand sewing so far, consider investing in a sewing machine. Not only will it allow you to sew at a much faster pace, but it will also open up a world of new and exciting sewing projects.

You could even invest in not just a standard sewing machine but a specialist quilting or embroidery machine which can help you with different techniques.

A sewing machine lets you try things like overlocking and a wide range of new stitches. This leads us to our next tip…

2. Familiarise yourself with different stitches

Different stitches are useful for different projects, components, and fabrics. You don’t need to know every stitch in the world, but it’s helpful to have a few up your sleeve.

Start by learning which stitch is good for what, research how to do them, and try them out on pieces of scrap fabric before using them in a project! 

3. Think about the details

Have you been completing pretty basic sewing projects like simple tote bags, cushions, and garments up until now? Why not get your creative hat on and think about ways you can add some flair. Start attempting pockets, zips, embroidery, and other components – you can even create a list of things you want to try and work your way through it.

Knowing how to confidently add buttons, velcro, and poppers are sure to come in handy during future sewing projects.

4. Consider how to raise your sewing to a professional standard

You don’t need to turn your sewing into anything but a hobby, but it’s useful to think about how you could up the quality of your projects. What’s the difference between your projects and items you see in the shops?

Research things like seam allowance, pressing seams, and overlocking — all things involved in the creation of high-quality products. Could you benefit from getting a specific sewing gadget such as a loop turner, coverstitch machine, or specialist scissors? Make sure ineffective tools aren’t hindering your projects.

In time, you could launch your own online shop to sell your handmade items!

5. Create a neat and tidy sewing space

This isn’t a sewing tip as such, but a clean and well-organised space will make following complex steps within sewing projects much easier. You won’t lose fabric or components, you’ll be able to keep fabric flat for precise sewing, and you won’t get distracted by the clutter around you.

Create a space that makes sewing easy and enjoyable and you’ll spend more time doing it.

6. Try new patterns 

Test your current skills and knowledge by trying new patterns. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is the only way to realise your areas of weakness. Attempting new patterns will give you the opportunity to take note of gaps in your sewing knowledge, and best of all – to practice!

If you want to look into creating fashion garments, why not take a look at some interesting dress patterns?

7. Keep up the practice

As with every skill, the best way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. The more sewing projects you complete, the better you’ll get at following instructions, using patterns, and doing different stitches.

It’s easy to get frustrated when a project proves difficult, but don’t give up and continue to push yourself!Why not take a peek at our other sewing blog posts or browse our sewing machines. You can even visit us in store.