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Anything and everything to know about coverstitch

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Salisbury

What is coverstitch?

Coverstitch is a sewing technique that creates a professional-looking hem through the combination of two stitching rows on the top and a serger-style stitch on the rear.

What are the benefits of coverstitch?

A coverstitch, first of all, looks very clean and neat, with two rows of stitches on one side of the fabric and an elegant looking serger-style stitch on the other side of the material. This can give a highly professional appearance to any piece of office wear that you might have needed to adjust. Furthermore, this stitch can make any fabrics have a greater capacity to stretch, meaning that any clothing that you may use for aerobic activity is far less likely to rip or tear. Finally, it’s an easy stitch to fix if you make any mistakes, as the loop on the back can be pulled so it’s like the stitch was never there in the first place!

Coverstitch vs Overlock

An overlock can be quite similar to a coverstitch, in that both are professional stitches that require more than 3 stitches at once (if using a sewing machine) and include a serger stitch. The difference is that whilst coverstitches only have one looper to thread, overlocks have two, and are therefore a little more complicated to get right. This does make the overlock a more secure stitch, however, a coverstitch does the job just right, and can even make hems enjoyable to do!

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