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The Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

So, you’re looking to try your hand at sewing? Wonderful! Sewing, textiles, and embroidery can be extremely rewarding hobbies — all you need is the equipment and a little know-how to get going!

As sewing experts, we’re here to help. Read on for our beginner’s guide to sewing.

The best sewing equipment for beginners

First thing’s first, if you’re going to make beautiful cushions, high-quality clothes, and sturdy bags, you’re going to need the right kit.

If you’re setting yourself up with a few bits of equipment, add these things to your shopping list:

Sewing machine — this one might seem obvious, but it’s a must! If you want your homemade creations to have that professional quality, a sewing machine will allow you to sew with a uniform stitch. Plus, you’ll be able to sew at a much faster pace than if you stick to hand sewing. Invest in a good machine and you’ll be using it for years to come.

Sewing thread — of course, if you’re getting a sewing machine, you’ll need some threads. Make sure you buy at least white and black thread, as you’ll probably use these the most in your sewing.

Fabric scissors — nab yourself a pair of high-quality fabric scissors and you’ll be working with your fabric, not battling against it! Regular scissors might not be sharp enough to give you a clean cut. For the best results, you’ll need suitable shears.

Handy components — most beginners projects will require at least a zip, buttons, eyelets, poppers, or velcro. Stock your sewing draws with useful bits and bobs that might come in handy. It will save you going to the shop for every new item you sew.

Embroidery threads — if you fancy dabbling in hand sewing, you’ll want a few embroidery threads. Quality threads in vibrant colours will take your project to a new level.

Fabric — you can’t do much sewing without any fabrics! While it can be tempting to grab every eye-catching fabric in the sewing shop, you might want to take this one project by project. The cost of fabrics can really rack up. Buy them as and when you need them, and your sewing hobby won’t break the bank.

Sewing projects for beginners

Once you have everything you need, you’re ready to start researching sewing projects. The world of sewing is vast, with projects ranging from easy to extremely complex and labour intensive. Get some inspiration from Pinterest and watch some beginners tutorials on YouTube. You’ll soon get a feel for the right projects for your skill level.

Get organised with Franklins

Last but not least, we need to talk about organisation. Lots of people only think about organisation when their spare room is overflowing with sewing supplies. But as they say, it’s best to solve a problem before it begins! Invest in well-designed sewing furniture and navigating your space will become a joy.

Once you’ve completed a few projects, you can think about upping your game. Explore coverstitch machines, overlockers and other accessories when you’ve discovered the types of items you like to create.

Good luck with your sewing! To chat with one of our experts, visit your nearest store. Whether you live in Colchester, Salisbury, Chelmsford, Ipswitch, or Dovercourt, we’d be happy to help. For more sewing advice, take a look at our other blog posts.