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How Much Does a Sewing Machine Repair Cost?

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

A high-quality sewing machine should be able to handle many projects over years of unwavering service, but even the best machine can sometimes need to be repaired. So, how much does a sewing machine repair cost and what are the things you should look out for when finding someone to repair your machine?

How much can I expect to spend?

Sewing machine repair and servicing costs can be quite simple, and cheap to solve, to more complex and expensive depending on the type of machine and the repairs needed. This price can also be inflated further if parts are needed. You can receive a free quote on servicing and repairing your sewing machine, if you bring it into your nearest Franklins store.

However, something to remember is that a machine that is properly taken care of and not pushed beyond its limits shouldn’t need this as a regular expense.

It should also be noted that some repair and service companies charge a flat rate while others charge depending on the type or brand of machine you have. It’s always worth trying to get a quote for the work that needs doing and comparing this with a few different providers if possible before agreeing to go with one particular person or company.

Repair or replace?

When looking at the cost of repair for a sewing machine many of us would be forgiven for asking if perhaps it might be cheaper to simply replace it, especially if it was a fairly cheap machine, to begin with.

Always consider the long term cost of this approach.

When buying another cheap machine to replace the one that has broken you could just end up with the same problem not too far down the line. Not to mention, the environmental cost of throwing away the old machine could have.

Although sewing machine repair isn’t cheap it should most certainly be considered an investment, as is buying a good quality machine, to begin with.

A sewing machine is a precision piece of engineering so when you pay for it to be repaired you are investing in the expertise and years of experience of the engineer. If the repair is done properly, your sewing machine could last you many more years of crafting.

Things to look out for

Something that is important to consider when looking to get your sewing machine repaired or even serviced, is to make sure you find a reputable engineer. It is a good idea to try and find someone who has experience with the type and make of machine you have as this can ensure any issues are properly taken care of and no costly mistakes are made.

It is always worth looking for online reviews and testimonies from previous customers when considering someone to repair or service your machine as this can tell you a lot about the type of service you can expect from a company. This can also sometimes be a way to gauge the types of repairs a company does regularly and where their expertise lies.

Finding a repair service

The best place to look for a sewing machine repair service is online.

This gives you the option to compare both prices and services offered, as well as giving you a chance to see reviews.

Here at Franklins Group, we offer full servicing and repair at the hands of our highly trained and experienced engineers.

With years of experience servicing and repairing, domestic, industrial and educational machines our engineers can identify and fix almost any problem you might have, even with an overlocker or embroidery machines. If that isn’t a good enough reason to book a sewing machine service or repair with us, we also offer a discount on the invoice total if you bought your machine from us!