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How Sewing Can Improve Your Mental Health

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

We all need to switch off from the pressures of everyday life occasionally. And what could be more mindful than sewing? The concentration and focus required can help calm the mind and is thought to be an effective way to manage anxiety and depression

And when we get out our sewing machines, we create beautifully crafted projects that give us a sense of achievement and help combat fast fashion. So here’s why you might want to explore the world of sewing and needlecraft in more detail.

Mindful ‘me time’

Sewing can be an almost meditative experience as you focus on executing the perfect seam. Indeed, being creative can be a fantastic way of being in the moment. Concentrating on every stitch, you’ll enjoy a mindful moment that can help you relax and reduce stress.

Taking time out for some mental health hygiene is always a good idea. And sewing is a fantastic way to fully immerse yourself in some quality ‘me time’ to help you prevent burnout. Also, because you have to complete a project step by step, you’ll stay in the moment.

A break from sensory overload

Our devices might keep us connected to work, family, friends and the wider world. But it’s also good to take a break. So why not put aside the negative emotions fostered by social media, and create something worthwhile?

Replacing the white noise of the digital world with the soft clatter of sewing machines might not seem restful. But by engaging in purposeful activity, we can relax and move away from negative mental states. Sewing helps create a healthy, happy bubble that can leave you feeling mentally refreshed.

Being social

Sewing could be an effective coping strategy if you’re one of the 45% of UK adults who say they occasionally or often feel lonely. Social isolation is associated with several physical and mental health issues, including depression, reduced immunity and poor sleep. 

Joining a sewing group can help you connect with people either online or in real life. You’ll find most groups offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere. And there’s something very positive and fulfilling about talking about something you love with other enthusiasts.

Sense of achievement

Being creative and seeing the end result is a fantastic way to boost mental health. Also, wearing something you’ve made from scratch can be incredibly satisfying and good for our self-esteem.

But it’s not just the final results that are rewarding. Throughout the process, you learn new skills, troubleshoot problems and meet targets. That continual sense of achievement is invaluable for good mental health.

Improving self-confidence and body-image

Negative body image can be tough on your mental health. We can all get hung up on our supposed flaws, especially when taking body measurements. But making your own clothes is a good reminder that nobody’s perfect. It’s not unusual for sewers to adjust patterns to get the ideal fit. And when you’re clothes fit well, you feel far more confident wearing them.

Sewing your own clothes is a fantastic way to develop your sense of style and develop a healthy body image. After all, you’re making something unique that’s also helping to reduce carbon emissions and worker exploitation in the clothing industry. And you’ll get far more compliments for your bespoke outfits, further boosting your self-esteem. So moving away from fast fashion isn’t just good for the planet – t’s good for your mental health, too.

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