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How to choose the right type of knitting wool

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Tips & Tricks

To the inexperienced, all wool is alike, but if you’re ready to get serious about your knitting projects, it’s time to rethink the yarn you’re choosing. But where to begin? Here are some factors you need to consider when finding your perfect match:


The gauge, or tension, of the pattern you’re knitting often affects the kind of wool you need to buy. The pattern you’re following will give you the gauge by telling you how many rows and stitches you should have over four square inches. Although you can use wool that doesn’t match this given gauge, it will appear different from the expected piece, so if you want to accurately replicate your design, make sure gauge is a consideration for you.


When it comes to texture, you need to consider plies. Plies refer to how many strands make up the thickness of wool, so a higher ply has more strands and will be more substantial than wool of just a single ply. For chunky cabled jumpers choose thicker yarn, but smoother more elegant cardigans are best with single-ply wool.


Colour is mostly down to personal choice, but it’s good to note that if the wool you’re using has multiple colours within it, you should stick to simple patterns. For more complex designs, solid coloured wool will show up well and really bring designs to life. Although dyed yarns that seem to have a gradient effect can look beautiful, they often require a bit more skill to pull off. If you’re a beginner, stick to the basics before trying more challenging colours.

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