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Inspiration for your next patchwork quilt

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Salisbury

If you’re a creative person, you will most likely love creating patchwork quilts. Sometimes, however, you may experience a creative block which prevents you from thinking of new and unique quilting ideas. Below we list some sources of inspiration to help you decide on your next quilting project.

1. Friends and family members

Is the birthday of a close friend or family member soon approaching? Or, do you know someone who is expecting? Quilts can make great gifts, especially if you make it personal for the recipient. You can do this by selecting fabrics in the recipient’s favourite colour or adding embroidery to the quilt, for example, embroidering the recipient’s favourite flower.

2. Matching sets

Have you recently completed another sewing project and have spare material? One of the great advantages of patchwork quilts is that they can be constructed from spare fabric from previous projects. Not only will this prevent you from having to purchase new fabric, but it also allows you to create a quilt that complements another item. For example, if you have created patchwork cushions, creating a quilt out of the same fabric can create an impressive, matching set.

3. Change the shape

When people think of patchwork quilts, they often think of square pieces of fabric sewn together. Quilts, however, can be created from multiple different shapes, including stars, triangles and hexagons. If you are struggling for quilt inspiration, think of what shapes you would like to use for your quilt and you may find inspiration soon finds you.

If you think you’ve found quilt inspiration, the best place to start is with a high-quality quilting machine. For more information on quilting or sewing machines in general, contact Franklins Group today!