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Franklins Loyalty Cards

Earn Points to spend in store when you shop.  Sign up for Franklins reward card for free and start earning
  • EXCLUSIVE Cardholder deals
  • Earn points on purchase
  • Spend points on items In-store
  • NO Sign-up fee


Terms & Conditions

  • Franklins reserve the right to suspend, modify or end the loyalty programme at any time with no notice.
  • Points are earned through money spent in a participating Franklins store.
    1 whole pound spent in store equals 1 point earned. 1 is equal to 2 pence credit in Franklins stores. E.g. £2.95 earns 2 points.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for any cash value.
  • Franklins reserve the right to cancel any account and remove points if any account holder is deemed to be abusing the programme.
  • Customer must have a serviceable card to use in the transaction to redeem points.
  • If a card is lost/stolen, Franklins will not take responsibility for misuse of the card before we are notified of the loss/theft.
  • Cards remain the property of Franklins Group LTD
  • There is a £3 replacement fee for a replacement card
  • We reserve the right to make certain products ineligible for points earning at any time.