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Non-sew Jersey fastener, sew-on look 12mm – 4 colour options


  • Non-sew press fasteners with a sew-on look
  •  Guaranteed to hold better in the fabric than classic sew-on shirt buttons
  •  The pronged ring means that pre-piercing of the fabric is not necessary
  •  Light fastening strength
  • Dimensions Ø 12 mm
  • Quantity 7 pieces
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Why make things complicated, when there is a simple solution? These press fasteners with a cap that looks like a sew-on shirt button make the sewing on of buttons and the making of buttonholes a thing of the past. There's more: the non-sew press fasteners are guaranteed to hold even better in the fabric than classic sew-on shirt buttons! They also have the advantage over normal shirt buttons and buttonholes that they are particularly easy to do up and undo. A further advantage: there is no need to make a hole to attach them because the integral pronged ring simply displaces the weave without damaging the fabric. Developed specifically for finer and more stretchy fabrics, the interesting feature of the non-sew press fasteners is their medium fastening strength. The stainless steel, brass and plastic rust-proof Jersey press fasteners can be washed, spun, dry-cleaned, ironed and even withstands mangle laundering. To attach the press fasteners with a diamter of 12mm you have the option of using the tool included in the pack, the VARIO pliers or the Prym tripod tool.