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Prym Adjustoform


  •  Rotatable, 8-piece plastic dressform
  •  Bust, waistline, hips, and torso length can be individually adjusted
  •  Neck circumference is adjustable in height and adaptable
  •  Skirt market with pin fixing
  •  Stable plastic pedestal
  • Colour – Dark Violet


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Large: Chest: 112-127 cm - Waist: 94-109 cm - Hips: 119-132 cm

Medium: Chest: 100-116 cm - Waist: 82-99 cm - Hips: 104-122 cm

Small: Chest: 84-100 cm - Waist: 66-84 cm - Hips: 91-109 cm

X Small: Chest: 76-91 cm - Waist: 56-71 cm - Hips: 79-94 cm


Whether you're a professional tailor or hobbyist: You do not want to miss the "Prymadonna" dressform! Available in four standard sizes for different clothing sizes, it offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to making adjustments to clothing. Its rotatable torso is made of plastic and is covered with a foam-reinforced nylon cover for easy insertion and marking.

This dressform consists of 8 parts, allowing for very flexible configuration. It can be individually adjusted at the neck, bust, waistline and hips – a total of 13 adjustments are possible. Adjustments can be made in the inch/cm measurement units using knobs on the front, and adjustment wheels on the sides and rear.

The special thing about it: The waist length's height can also be adjusted for long sizes. The neck circumference can be changed using the knob placed in the middle of the neck area – this also contains an integrated pincushion. This dressform also has an elaborated shoulder section – this ensures that the sleeves always fall in the right position. Also included – skirt market with pin fixing: This allows for the model's length and hem to be marked well.

Thanks to the stable plastic pedestal, the dressform is very light – but the high stability of the four feet gives it a very solid stand. Installing the Prym dressform is easy – it includes an instruction manual.