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Repair sheet, cotton, iron-on, various colours


  •  Repair sheets in a wide range of colours for medium-weight cotton fabrics
  •  Iron-on
  •  Overall adhesive coating
  •  1 piece 12 x 45 cm or 1 strip 3.5 x 100 cm
  •  Washable up to 40 degrees

It is quite easy to repair tears and holes in items of clothing made from medium-weight cotton fabrics with cotton repair sheets in a wide range of colours. The innovative adhesive coating gives the iron-on fabrics a particularly firm hold on the clothing. In places, that get a lot of wear, such as elbows and knees, the patches should also be sewn on. The card contains one piece of fabric, 12 x 45 cm or one strip, 3.5 x 100 cm. The cotton repair sheets are washable up to 40 degrees.