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Straight Pins mild steel silver col 0.75 x 26 mm


  •  Mild steel pins for decorative and hobbyist purposes
  •  Flexible material
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Steel pins are often used by decorators, florists, and handicraft enthusiasts as well as for office needs. The pins have a burr-free, even fillister head that serves as a grip-friendly pressure surface. These mild steel pins, which are somewhat flexible material-wise, can also be bent a bit, which is advantageous when doing handicrafts and decorating. Prym carries this 16 mm to 50 mm-long pins with different colour surfaces such as silver, gold, and brass-coloured or in black for the right application. They are available either as a plastic storage canister or as a large package for professional needs. Due to the fact that these pins are often used in large quantities as disposable pins, their low purchase price is another plus.