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Summer dress patterns and styles to try out this season

The change of season brings with it a change in sewing and embroidering projects. Whether it be quilting, bead making, or embroidery, anyone and everyone are looking for the latest seasonal trends to keep them occupied. One big attraction about summer is the fact that it introduces a whole new wardrobe for you to create. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the top dress patterns and styles you should be trying out this summer.

Simple shift dress

Perfect for those humid days where you want to look stylish while remaining light and airy, shift dresses have been a fashion staple for warmer months of the year for decades. Try using fabrics that are thin yet durable, such as cotton and linen, to really transform the simple shift dress into a versatile piece of clothing for those hotter days.

Simple maxi dress

Maxi dresses have long been synonymous with the chic and effortlessly classy. While they’ve also been dressed down in recent years thanks to patterned fabrics and experimentation with the style (midaxi dresses, anyone?), maxi dresses such as the one linked above are a great challenge for any seamstress wary of getting her legs out this summer.

Simple wrap dress

Worn alone or over a swimsuit or bikini, wrap dresses provide a range of uses in the warmer months of the year. This is why they’re a must-try project for anyone looking to challenge their sewing machine skills. Like the previous dresses, experiment with colour and fabric while sewing your wrap dress to create some truly amazing results.

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