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Things To Consider When Buying A Sewing Machine

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Tips & Tricks

Sewing is a satisfying and rewarding task that allows you to create new projects or gifts, alter clothes and make cosy blankets and quilts. If you are an enthusiastic beginner in sewing and you are not sure what to look for when purchasing a machine, here are some tips that you need to consider.


When making a purchase, it is important to consider the money that you’re willing to pay. As quality sewing machines can be a bit expensive, make sure to choose one that suits your budget and needs. However, avoid buying inexpensive sewing machines that are made of plastic as they may not offer durability and precision over time. It is ideal to go for mid-range machines with good quality and features.


The machine that you will buy depends on the sewing projects that you intend to do. Although most sewing machines perform the basic function of sewing, you must also take note of its added features. There are weaving machines, quilting machines and heavy-duty machines. If this is your first purchase, choose a model with extensive features so you will still be able to use it even if your skills grow.


Being critical of the brand or manufacturer is essential when buying a sewing machine. For years of trouble-free use, you must select brands that have a good reputation for producing quality products like Bernina, Brother, Husqvarna, Janome and Juki. You must also consider the materials that were used for its production. Metal-constructed frames are the best option.

Try out the machine

To determine if the machine is suitable for you, take a bit of time and test it in the dealer’s shop. Bring some fabric samples and threads and stitch the fabric to see how it works. Give consideration to its stitch quality, noise and smoothness. Doing a trial can give you the confidence that you’re purchasing the machine that’s perfect for your requirements.

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