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Top Tips for Sewing Safety

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Sewing Safety should always be your top priority when taking on a new project. That is why we are sharing some of the most helpful tips here today.

Quality Equipment

Dull scissors and broken machines can cause injuries. If you have taken on older sewing machines, it is important to inspect them and make sure everything is working well before moving forward with any work.

If you require equipment updating, then look no further. Here at Franklins Group, we have quality sewing machines, accessories and more.

Keep Your Equipment Unplugged

If you have worked with power tools before, you will know that unplugging when not in use is one of the most important steps. An accidental slip on a sewing machine that is plugged in can result in a serious injury.

Store Your Tools Away

If you are an avid sewer, chances are you have a lot of sharp tools. From scissors to needles, rotary cutters and more. Keeping your tools in their place is extremely important. A misplaced needle can result in serious injury, especially if you have little ones or pets in your sewing area.

Never Sew When You Are Angry

A great tip is to keep sewing as a calming practice, not a way to blow off steam! If you are angry at the sewing machine, you may act faster than usual and miss some important safety steps.

We highly recommend stepping away if you are feeling frustrated.

Practice Makes Perfect

You should practice your sewing skills to get everything right, so why not practice your safety steps too? Every time you finish sewing unplug your machine, every pin that is finished should be shoved back in its cushion and so on.

Sewing Safety should always come first, whether you’re working on fabrics, quilts or something completely different. For more tips, please visit our blog.