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With the change of seasons it’s time to work on your next project

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Salisbury

As the season changes, it is the perfect time to get started on your next craft or textile project. In winter, making warm clothes or a new quilt can be a great activity. To complete winter projects, however, you might need to take a look at what fabrics you have available. Depending on what you are planning to make, you may only need a few fabrics to achieve your goals.

Seasonal ideas

Maybe you are planning on making a Santa themed dress or hat, and you need a nice red velvet, lining, and faux fur trim. There are plenty of patterns out there ideal for your idea. Or you may wish to create a quilt for a Christmas present and need several dozen different fabrics of different colours and textures, it’s not a patchwork quilt if there aren’t any patches, after all. Plus, you’ll need a large amount of sturdy fabric for the base.

We have Christmas sorted!

Whatever the case may be, the Franklins Group is the perfect one-stop-shop for you to pick up anything and everything you might need. As well as sewing machines for which we made our name (and all the gadgets and gizmos you can add to them) we also carry plenty of fabric for all sorts of uses, clothes, furnishings, and, of course, all you could ever want or need for quilts and quilting. Plus there are masses of choice, so you never have to worry about us not having that right shade of purple fabric or a thread in just the right tone.

Make the most of the festive season and create items for yourself or gifts with quality products from Franklins Group!