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6 Great Beginner Sewing Projects

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

Getting stuck into a project is an excellent way to develop your sewing skills and get tangible results. Whether you’re completely new to sewing or you’ve stitched by hand before but want to give sewing machines a go, here are some fun sewing projects suitable for beginners. 

Basic beginner’s sewing equipment

Before we look at some lovely beginner sewing projects, here are the indispensable pieces of equipment you’ll need:

  • A sewing machine: explore our range of sewing machines to find the one that has the best features for you.
  • Your choice of fabrics: whether you start small or go big, find beautiful fabrics to suit your taste.
  • Sewing thread: you’ll need plenty of good-quality thread, no matter what the project is.
  • Scissors: a pair of sharp dressmaker scissors are essential for clean cuts through your fabric.
  • A seam ripper: as a beginner, mistakes happen! Make undoing stitches quick and easy with a seam ripper. 

Read our beginner’s sewing guide for more advice on setting up your sewing station.

Fun sewing projects for beginners

Want to get started on making some beautiful creations but not confident enough to tackle complex dress patterns? Don’t worry, here are some satisfying crafts to start with!

1. Simple tote bag

A tote bag has got to be one of the best and most versatile sewing projects for beginners. You can choose whatever fabric you like and, in just a short time, you’ll have a handy bag to use for shopping or storing your craft supplies. 

This Crazy Little Projects tutorial is a great place to start. You’ll be able to practice basic sewing machine skills and get used to using seam allowances. Once you feel confident, you can start adding pockets and experimenting with embroidery! 

2. Drawstring gift bags

This gift bag tutorial from Positively Splendid is an ideal way to use up small scraps of fabric. It’s a quick make that will help you practice stitching in a straight line. You’ll also be able to have a go at creating a simple drawstring closure. What’s more, these cute gift bags are a great way to share your new skill with loved ones.

3. Zipped pencil case or makeup bag

Sewing zips may seem a little daunting at first, which is why a petite pouch is a great place to start practicing. Sew Simple Home has a handy tutorial that will show you how to use your sewing machine’s zipper foot. 

4. 30-minute apron

You’ll be a hem expert in under an hour with this quick yet effective apron tutorial from Flamingo Toes. It’s a great place to start if you want to learn how to make professional-looking garments. You can adapt the trim to feature any embellishment you fancy.

5. Stylish infinity scarf

Craftsy’s infinity scarf is a quick and easy way to get a unique, practical garment. This method involves sewing by hand. However, sewing machines will certainly speed up the process. You’ll have dozens to wear and gift to loved ones in no time!

6. Fabric coasters

Have you got some small pieces of fabric to use? Upcycle them into some useful yet aesthetic coasters. Pretty Handy Girl’s method is a lovely way to practice sewing through several layers of fabric. 

Franklins Group — for all your sewing needs

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