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Juki DX3


Achieving Perfection Stitch by Stitch – Juki High-Performance Sewing Machine
  • Box Feed – Industrial Sewing Machine Technology
  • Powerful Feed
  • Straight Stitch Slide Plate – NEW
  • Foot Control with Thread Trimming Function or Auto Reverse – NEW
  • Industrial Quality Buttonholes
  • Cutting Width Adjustment of the Buttonholes
  • Perfect Stitch Quality
  • Capability to sew from light to heavy weight materials
  • Wide Sewing Space
  • Direct Stitch Pattern Selection
  • 155 Stitch Patterns
  • 3 Fonts (Lower & Uppercase)

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Box Feed – Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Technology

The Juki industrial “BOX Feed” system has been brought to the home sewing machine. Our BOX Feed allows you to create perfect high-quality stitches on all types of fabrics.

Thick denim folded into three layers for a flat fell seam
Evenly sews thick fabrics effortlessly.

The BOX Feed system stays in contact with your fabrics longer for a consistent, reliable seam every time.
Stitching thin fabrics
Stitching thin fabrics
No fabric shrinkage even sewing on light weight cotton.

Stitching towel fabrics
Evenly feeds hard-to-sew high pile fabrics.
Easily Create and Enjoy Beautiful Buttonholes with Juki’s Combination of Industrial Background and Modern Technology
Use the buttonhole sensor system for optimal feed on all types of fabric. You will love the one step buttonhole as it measures and evenly sews on both the right and left sides. Automatically works in optimum order for a perfectly finished buttonhole.

The buttonhole sewing presser foot contains a clamping plate, so you can confidently feed fabrics by holding them between the clamping plate and the presser foot.