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Bra under-wired


  •  Semi-circular underwire
  •  To stabilize the bra cup
  •  Made of galvanized steel covered with white nylon
  •  Available in 14 different sizes from A (75) to F (115)
  •  Washable up to 40 degrees

The bra underwire made of galvanized steel and white nylon cover can be used to repair bras and to make your own self-sewn creations. They are sewn into the lower seam of the cup and give the cup the necessary stability to remain permanently in shape. The ends of the underwire are rounded for high wearing comfort. The Prym range includes bra underwires in 14 different sizes between A (75) and F (115). Since the sizes given by lingerie manufacturers often vary, the designations can only be regarded as a guideline. Two bra underwires are included on each card. They are washable up to 40 degrees.