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Non-sew fasteners SPORT MINI brass 13mm – 2 colour options


  • Small, non-sew press fasteners
  •  With easy fastening strength
  •  For clothing, purses, clutches and many more things
  •  Stainless brass
  • Quantity 10 pieces
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Those who prefer something discreet will love the “Mini” non-sew press fasteners. The silver-colored press fasteners made of high-quality stainless brass have an easy fastening strength, and with their 8 mm diameter are excellent for medium-thickness fabrics such as jerseys and are also suitable for the decoration of clothing, purses, clutches and many more things. The practical and non-sew press fasteners can either be fitted with the included tool and a hammer or with the VARIO pliers for non-sew products or the tripod. Instructions are in the pack